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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mother's Day is Coming

And the best Holiday in the world is..................................
you guessed it-Mother's DAY!!

Time to celebrate the amazing women all over the world who we call "MOM"
Yes Mother's Day should be everyday, but we only get one day-sorry guys.
MOMS deserve the best, so shop early and shop well while there's still time!!

If you find that your low on cash this Mother's day, here's a great way to still give an unforgettable
gift.......Enter my First Mother's Day Contest and win a FREE Gift Basket from KayCandles. That's right-absolutely free and the rules are simple to enter. (rules sent by email only) All you need to do is sign up to be on our email list and I'll send you the rules. Simple.

No cost to enter and no weekly emails from Kaycandles (I promise)
Winner will be announced on

Still thinking about it? You can't WIN, if you don't PLAY. Contest ends this weekend-Sunday April 27th, 2014@10pm. Go for it!! Leave me your email.
No time to play? shot out how awesome your MOM is in the comments below this post. Go!

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