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Who is Kay?

Hello I'm Kay, I Love Candles and I love making gifts!

There is nothing that brings me more joy, than seeing that 'look' on someone's face when they open up a gift (especially an unexpected one), that look is priceless and enjoyable! I love making people smile and I've found the perfect way to continue Giving Gifts to others, without breaking the bank......I make Gifts!

That's right, making Gifts is more than being frugal, it's smart and heartfelt. I have made tons of Homemade Gifts in my lifetime and on that journey, I discovered two perfect gifts for any woman in your life.....Candles and Gift baskets.

Most women love Scented Candles and if they don't....they are sure to love a Gift basket filled with all their favorite things! Kay Candles is sure to have that perfect scent she'll love or that amazing basket that was made just for her. Let me, help you, give the most amazing Gifts this year. Don't forget to 'like' us on

I know you love giving great gifts that come from the heart, so browse around and pick that perfect gift. Don't see what you like, no problem, we can create something together!  Click the 'I want It' tab and let me know what I can create for you and your special occasions.

`Remember to stop by often to see what creations are flowing at the Kandle Shop.


Kay Starks
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