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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make you wanna

OH the power of the senses!

We have FIVE senses and for good reason, two of them that relate to candles are Sight and Smell.

Our sense of sight will see COLORS and make you want to take action!.

Did you know that seeing certain COLORS will immediately trigger certain emotions? It's true,
 what do you think of when you see the color RED or ORANGE? these colors excite and awaken and
Candles of this color can trigger the same response. Try placing vibrant colors like Red, Orange or Yellow in areas of your home where people gather for fun, eating or exercise!
Juicy Peaches

How about a soft Purple or White? these colors tend to help us relax and unwind. Place soft calm colors in areas of your home where you Pray, Read or Study. Decorating quiet spaces in your home with these colors will naturally help your body unwind from a long day or sit and reflect during a transition in your life.
Spa Scented Lavender

Our sense of SMELL will make you feel a certain way and quickly change your mood!

Ever come home from work and the first thing you smell when you open the door is Garbage??? Your mood can immediately shift from great to grouchy-right? Candle SCENTS can greatly affect your mood-for instance when you light up a 'vanilla' scented candle. The rich warm smell of Vanilla can immediately make you feel hungry or put you in the mood for baking!

Fruity scents like 'Pineapple, Apples or Citrus' can make you want to start a project, clean a room or redecorate! Our sense of SIGHT and SMELL are powerful and for good reason. So the next time you are looking for a mood change or looking to set a specific atmosphere in a room-choose your candle COLORS and SCENTS wisely. :)

So what's your favorite COLOR?
What's your favorite SCENT?

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Friday, August 9, 2013

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